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The uniqueness of installing granite countertops are one of the more interesting aspects of home improvement. Selecting colours, patterns, and even edges. The latter is one of the more unsung customizations available for Oakville homeowners to consider when completing the process of implementing stone countertops. Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, a unique edging can be an appealing complement to a number of different colour or pattern options. There are a wide variety of edge options and it's worth taking a look into what's available.


The most basic edge option, squared is the standard edging on most countertops. The sides are rounded very slightly in order to avoid dangerous or uncomfortably sharp edges. Minor rounding also decreases the probability of easy chipping. Like most basic, uniform designs, the squared edges are also useful for highlighting detailed kitchen or bathroom backsplashes. The adjusted "eased” is a slightly more rounded edge than the squared, but not as shapely as the bullnose.


A fully rounded edge that is a simple, yet popular choice often used in bathrooms for vanity counters. Its primary visual function is to display the thickness of the stone, while also giving the hardened granite a lighter finish. It is a versatile cut that can be round deeper into the countertop and reliable for any kitchen or bar setting as well. The cut makes wiping up the counter a little more problematic, as there are no straight edges, but also much less of a hazard for the same reason.


An oddly elegant cut edge that has a very sculpture-esque feeling to it. The edge is, as the name would suggest, chiseled carefully before smoothing out the protruding rigid remainder. The result is a more colourful edge and a unique, contemporary look.


The edge is cut on a 45-degree angle from the top and rounded out very slightly to reduce sharpness. The primary benefit of a bevel is its ability to add a subtle element of design without taking away emphasis from the rest of the space. Another variation is the reverse bevel, with a 45-degree cut from the bottom.


A double-arched cut with a very elegant appearance. The ogee is a more eye-catching edge that draws a fair bit of attention due to its curved finish. It is another option that works especially well in bathrooms and smaller countertops.

Triple Pencil

The cut leaves a very retro look with three sloping rounded edges. Much like the bullnose, it slightly increases the difficulty of a cleanup, with more care involved, but has a very regal finish that is sure to stand out in any setting.
For Oakville homeowners looking to install granite, there are endless avenues available to best express the feeling and visual appeal that suits the area. Edges are a great way to engage visitors and complement the rest of the setup in either a bathroom or kitchen setting. Different choices have different results, and selecting the right combination is the exciting challenge that anyone installing granite countertops is tasked with.

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